Media distractions from reality and the realities of the people distracted

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For the past few months it has been catastrophic in regards to the chain of events that has occurred. It seems that it has been back to back events. But through it all the media seems to spin these events into lighter headlines. How often have we seen a mass shooting followed by a story about cats or a novelty store grand opening. USA, LLC

The reality is that the medias job is to entertain. That is why TMZ follows the evening news. What about the local stories that doesn’t make the headlines. What about the unjust treatment of the citizens. When the last time you heard about a rash of armed robberies that didn’t end in fatalities. It’s simple, if it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead.

But the truth behind it is that the issues that truly effect your finances or livelihood are overlooked. Just today I seen a 15 year old boy that was murdered and right after was a screenshot of a new tax reform that was past that directly effects many Americans from lower middle class and lower. Not saying that the news about the 15 year old wasn’t important but wouldn’t you say something that will directly effect economy and our families well being should be highlighted as well. But again if it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead.

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The reality is that we are meant to stay in the dark about things that effect us directly but greatly distracted by tragedy. And that is a way to keep control over the masses because it gives the public the things that they can do and can’t. After the mass shooting at the dark knight opening how did the box office look for the dark knight rises. Without a shadow of a doubt events drives our decisions and if we are distracted and detoured how could we truly live. USA, LLC

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