The old hustles will still make you richer than the new ones

Sep 28, 2017 | | 3 comments
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The old saying of out with the old and in what the new can apply with many things. But in regards to making money the old still trumps the new in many ways. The elders ways are still the most effective way of making money. But in a lot of cases it requires money in order to make any kind of money. USA, LLC

A prime example is horse breeding. Horses are still a hot commodity even though we have cars. Horses can be sold for upwards of hundred thousand dollars. And never truly depreciate in value. Now on the other hand cars depreciate unless it is a classic vehicle but a horse doesn’t have to be a classic. Same can be said about real estate. Homes that once sold for a hundred dollars can be sold for $100000 in today’s market and considered historical. Think about the difference between selling on the internet and a traditional brick and mortar store. The difference is that the internet requires a substantial amount of traffic even if you have a great promotion. But a brick and mortar simply requires a great location prices can be mediocre. Now think to yourself which would be more consistent?

Old money always will trump new money. If you are looking for true success always bet on the old. Or use new ways of making money to get invested in some of the old. The old is more consistent than the new it is proven.

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