The Art of Perception and How To Be An Artist of The Craft

Sep 27, 2017 | | 1 comment
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In today’s society the perception of any individual can do one of two things. It can help maximize your opportunities or it can help in the demise of you as an individual. Con artist has mastered this skill. Simply because being an Con Artist requires only one skill, and that skill is making an individual believe in what ever you are offering rather it is life changing or simply an unbelievable opportunity. Perception is what creates that belief.

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Why is it that a person who wears glasses presumed to be smart. Or a blonde is considered to be an idiot. These are 2 perfect examples of perception that is solely based on appearance. Why are you not considered to be professional unless you are wearing a collared shirt and slacks. Why if you drive an expensive car you are presumed to be successful or have a great career or job. These are all perceptions that alters people’s opinions of you. Why if you have a lot of tattoos you are considered to be a criminal, why not an artist or a scholar. These are simply based upon an image that is portrayed through the media and other outlets. USA, LLC

How easy can these perceptions can be manipulated. Women fall for men in expensive cars because of the idea that the person driving the car is successful. What if it was rented or he was borrowing someone else’s car how would you know. That’s what makes rental companies so successful. Simply because they help individuals alter the perception for a brief period and moment without ownership.

Why does it matters what a person wears or how a person looks. Simply because by nature we are competitive and require constant approval from the public. We need to be accepted rather you are a introvert or extrovert acceptance is a requirement.

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How can you destroy perception? Simply be yourself and don’t alter who you are. By default the publicity will try to categorize you. But by you being unsaturated you will be considered to be different to the point of acceptance.

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Perceptions can be altered, personalities can’t. USA, LLC

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