Freedom? YouTube MCN Networks and the dishonest truth.

Sep 24, 2017 | | Say something
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Nowadays YouTube is such a huge platform. And not only that it also has became a family friendly website that people use to receive different kind of information throughout the day. YouTube not only can make an every day person famous and bring in a lucrative stream of income passive income today individual. And as YouTube continues to grow it becomes more more difficult to get your content on YouTube that’s why you have MCN networks. Even though Adsense is always going to be the best way to monetize any video that you do put up on YouTube these MCN networks allow for people who don’t have a AdSense account set up as of yet to be able to monetize the traffic on their video. USA, LLC

So in the world of advertisement using YouTube it seems as though the idea of freedom of speech is lost. A lot of times with these MC and networks you find that you were disapprove quicker than you are approved solely based upon the content that you are uploading on YouTube but they’re not actually watching the content a poster that they are simply just reading the title of the content and deciding rather or not this is advertiser friendly. Which illuminates the ability of delivering important messages to the public.but if you upload a cat video where a cat is simply playing with some yard that is perfectly fine because that doesn’t require any thought. which in my eyes cripples the public simply because we take the ability of obtaining useful knowledge and discard and replace it with unnecessary bullshit.

Recently my YouTube Channel was approved to use as a MCN network to help monetize the videos that is uploaded on YouTube but then I was disapproved Soley because they said the content of the YouTube videos were not advertiser friendly and even though I did not violate any copyrights they stated that I would violate a copyright eventually by continuously uploading these types of videos or blogs that are completely honest and require some kind of thought. How is this freedom of information or even freedom of speech. So in other words if I want my videos to be uploaded on YouTube and monetize I need to start uploading videos of cats playing with yarn and utilizing the free music that the network actually provides to the people that use that particular network.

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What it seems is that this in the world that we live in where information is diluted and the public is not seen as being able to obtain useful knowledge but opposed to that we can entertain ourselves we consistent bullshit On a day-to-day basis which amounts to nothing and only cripples us as a society. USA, LLC

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