What’s the difference between a hustle and a business

Sep 18, 2017 | | 9 comments
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I was recently at a gas station and you had the teller and a cannabis salesman arguing about the fact that he is a hustler and not a businessman. Now the cannabis salesman was irate at the fact that the cashier did not consider his “hustle” a business. He obviously felt that this is more than a two bit hustle because of the amount of effort that he puts into it. But the funny thing is neither party was wrong.

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A hustle is a quick way to make cash a lot of time it requires minimum effort. For example you buy 10 bags of chips at a discounted rate and then sell them for double the amount. This would be considered to be a hustle. Because there is no structure and no real risk.

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Now a business is a little different. Let’s say you buy those same 10 bags of chips then turned around and reinvested and then bought 20 chips then 40 chips then start looking to set up distribution accounts for those chips. Then that would be considered to be a business. The reason being is because their is no guarantee that these chips will sell but your operating cost could have a better investment.

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So in short the minute that you take a hustle and reinvest into it. You now have a business. Rather or not it is a successful business is a whole different story.

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