Why an Idea isn’t enough….

Sep 14, 2017 | | 2 comments
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An idealistic person is entertaining to be around. Depending on the depth of thought into what ever project. But a lot of times an idea is all it is in the end. Anything you do requires a point of execution. If I woke up this morning and only thought about brushing my teeth and never executed would my teeth have been brushed?

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An idea is simply another form of abstract thinking. But a plan is much more detailed and executable. But planning requires strategy and if you have a sound proof strategy or should I say plan the likely hood of execution and success is much greater.

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Than having a bunch of ideals but none of which is executed. So the moral here is to not just come up with ideals but to execute these ideas. Education through trial and error is the best education. Simply because it gives more structure and knowledge.

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Whats required for an idea?….. THINK ITS NOT ILLEGAL YET. Execute and think outside the box and this will lead to success.

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