What If North Korea Wasn’t Shooting Nuks

Sep 12, 2017 | | 1 comment
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The trillion dollar question is why would you spend billions and trillions on a national weapons division and they can only come up with early and late 19th century hardware. Truth is we are way more advanced than even the public knows. Isn’t certain Technologies held for a duration of time before it is released to the public. Why is Japan decades a head of us in the technology side.

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When I stayed in Japan I brought a smartphone and this phone was able to do if not more than the phones we have are capable of today and this was almost more than 10 years ago. Technologies are consistently molding the way that we live and interact with one another. At one point and time dating use to consist of approaching a woman and doing enough to possibly get her number and maybe take her out to dinner and so on. Now days men don’t approach women and if they did the woman would not no how to interact with such a spontaneous situation. In other words it would be as difficult as cloning water.

Now if you were to take this scenario and apply it to Technological Warfare which is the time we live in now. Can you really only think that nuclear missles are the only option for North Korea especially when billions if not trillions of dollars are spent on just that one thing. Maybe I’m skeptic but I refuse to be naive.

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