Fuck The VMAs!!! What About Harvey?

Aug 28, 2017 | | Say something
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What kind of world do we live in where the Game Of Thrones Finale and the VMAs supersede the Hurricane Harvey Crisis. People are dying and we are seeing information about the red carpet. We are being programmed through advertising to admire fame. We treat fame as though it is value.

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Lets put this into perspective. When was the last time you seeing an exotic car show? Where the rich showcase their vehicles on consignment and promoters make money off of it. What exactly did the car get? Now let’s look at exactly what a red carpet is in today’s standards. Basically that same platform. Just opposed to being able to go 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. You have a talent.

Some is talented at an art form others are talented simply in their confidence. But the ideal is marketing. Can you market your ability. Now this is how the Gucci Mane performance trumps the Hurricane Harvey. If your “hero” is about to speak and somebody was to blow up a school full of children would you be more concerned with the school or would you still watch that speech. Again this is if they are both on at the same time.

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Of course you are going to watch that speech. You follow and idolize this persons every move. If they were to say something offensive on Twitter it would ruin your day if not your week. If you ask me that’s Power. For 140 character thought could be broadcasted and alter adults emotions. Lol I could write anything and not even mean it and gain PR and publicity. How easy is it truly to become famous. In other words any body can be an exotic car.

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How is this more important than a catastrophic event. In other words fuck the awards tell me about what’s going on in Texas with the Harvey Situation. This is exactly how it went with Hurricane Katrina. We geared our attention to it when it was to late. Can we really handle a national crisis right now? With such a power struggle in office. Put the attention on what it should be focused on. And stop idiolizing false prophets.

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